Events and Training

Penn undergraduates have an opportunity to interact and learn from some of today's most dynamic leaders by attending Fox Events. Informal dinners and lunches are a special opportunity to exchange ideas, build relationships, and learn about the personal and professional paths leaders have taken to success. Guests of the program include leaders in politics, business, science, communications, religion, community service, entertainment and the arts.

Fox also offers numerous programs and workshops to prepare students for future leadership roles. Our workshops include: Assessing Your Leadership Traits and Skills; Power Presentations; Social Etiquette; Dealing with Difficult People; Professionalism and Character Development.

From Fall 2009 - Spring 2016:

  • More than 6,300 students attended 290 public events with leaders from all walks of life
  • More than 2,300 students attended 136 leadership workshops or preceptorials
  • More than 390 students participated in public speaking training