Penn Medical Emergency Response Team

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The University of Pennsylvania's Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a student-run service organization providing medical emergency services to the University community. MERT currently operates from 5:00PM - 7:00AM Monday through Thursday and offers 24 hour coverage on weekends during the academic year. In addition, MERT provides coverage during major University events such as NSO, Spring Fling, Hey Day and Graduation. Each MERT crew consists of 2-3 members certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. MERT responds using specifically equipped EMS bikes carrying all necessary medical equipment to handle a wide range of calls. MERT has received national recognition from the Collegiate EMS association including the Program of the Year Award (2008) and the EMT of the Year Award (2009), the Striving for Excellence Award (2016), and the Advisor of the Year Award (2016). MERT has responded to 4,090 calls during its 10 Years of Service to the Penn Community.