Fall Fellowships

About the Fall Fellowships

Fellowships with the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program during the fall semester typically run from mid-September through the beginning of December. Students generally work 8 - 12 hours a week for their fellowship assignment. These paid, part-time fellowships are ideal for Penn students seeking civic-minded opportunities or for those who are interested in working on research-intensive projects with innovative leaders. To learn more about the specifics of each fellowship, please click on the pages below. The Fall 2023 Fox Leadership Fellowship Application is closed; applications for Fall 2024 will likely open in August 2024.

  • Children’s Healthcare is a Legal Duty (CHILD USA)

    CHILD USA is a child abuse nonprofit that cuts through the shame and the secrecy to gather and analyze the data behind abuse and neglect. As a child abuse nonprofit dedicated to protecting kids and preventing abuse, CHILD USA conducts research, compiles evidence, promotes ideas, and proposes the most effective policies to prevent childhood abuse and neglect.
  • Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger

    The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger strives to build a community where all people have the food they need to lead healthy lives. The Coalition connects people with food assistance programs and nutrition education, provides resources to a network of food pantries, and educates the public and policymakers about responsible solutions that prevent people from going hungry.
  • Nutritional Development Services

    Nutritional Development Services (NDS) is an agency of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia within the Secretariat for Catholic Human Services. For forty years, NDS’ mission has been to serve children and those in need with food and food-related resources.
  • Share Food Program

    Share Food Program is a nonprofit organization focused on eradicating food insecurity in the Philadelphia Region through food distribution, education, and advocacy. Through partnerships with nearly 800 schools and more than 350 pantries across the region, Share Food Program has recently become the largest-serving food bank in the Philadelphia Region, and the largest independent food bank in the country.