Each year, the Robert A. Fox Leadership Program sponsors a number of fellowships for Penn undergrads and recent alumni. The fellowships fall into two categories, research fellowships and service fellowships: 

Fox Research Fellowships

There are two types of Fox research fellowships. The first pairs students one-on-one with leading on-campus faculty and scholars that are studying issues related to public policy and the public sector. Fox also places research fellows at leading research institutes, like Brookings, and top-notch think tanks, like CHILD USA. Research fellows are in residence with their mentors and learn first hand the challenges and complexities related to conducting impactful original research.

Fox Service Fellowships

Service fellows are placed with local, regional, and national non-profit organizations and public interest groups. These fellows work on alongside the leaders of their respective organizations and learn first hand from their stewardship. The current service fellowships offered by Fox Leadership focus on food insecurity, racial justice, and youth empowerment. 

Apply for a Fox Fellowship

Fox Leadership hires fellows each semester. Explore the links below to see which fellowships are available: 

To apply, please use the Qualtrics form linked in the relevant page above. Applications are typically due in late August for fall fellowships, mid-November for spring fellowships, and mid-March for summer fellowships.